Recent Insight

Recently I discovered a good rule-of-thumb method for determining if you are in genuine drifting conditions. Here it is in three easy-to-follow steps:

1) Eat an apple and drop the core over the side and into the water.
2) Eat another apple and drop that core over the side and into the water too.
3) If you can still see both cores you are definitely drifting.


OK…what’s with this forum thing?

I don’t expect to get away with it Scot free, but I am going to push for its adoption. So, what do you say?

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What’s your drift?

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Upcoming Events

Here are the events in the works. You’re invited!

A rally is a series of daysails originating from a fixed rally site, usually a campground. A cruise is a sail from place to place often with a different anchorage each day.

Chesapeake Cruise
usually out of Crisfield, Maryland in late May

Florida Rally
somewhere in Florida in February between the Midwinters and the George Washington’s Birthday regattas

Hermit Island Rally
on Casco Bay in Phippsburg, Maine

International Rally
wherever it may be

Killbear Rally
on Parry Sound in the Georgian Bay, Ontario

Wellesley Island Rally
in upstate New York at Wellesley Island State Park at the head of the St. Lawrence

An Introduction to the Cruising Arm


This is the Cruising Arm forum of the USWA.

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Chip Cunningham,
your USWA Cruising Secretary,
tending Solje W1321