An Introduction to the Cruising Arm


This is the Cruising Arm forum of the USWA.

  • Upcoming cruises are here.
  • Comment or question about the new “forum” approach here.
  • Ask for personalized help using the forum here.
  • Comment or question about Wayfarer cruising in general here.

There is a “Show/Hide comments” option at the bottom right of every article.

You will find your comment can be “nested,” that is, you can attach it to the specific item you want to reply to.

Check out the “tips” link at the top of this screen.To make the best use of  the Cruising Arm forum follow it with the button on the sidebar. You will be notified when something new is added. Unfollow whenever you want. Separately follow the other events you’re interested in.

email me if you must, but try posting a comment first.

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Chip Cunningham,
your USWA Cruising Secretary,
tending Solje W1321