Email threads quickly become hard to follow and are often not sent to everyone who needs the information. The idea behind this “forum” approach is to make planning discussions for each event clearer and  more reliably distributed.

Each event has its own forum. Separate forums allow you to pick the events you’re interested in. To make the best use of a forum, follow” it. Use the button in the right sidebar. You can easily “unfollow” whenever you want.

  • Following means you will be automatically notified when something new is added to the event’s discussion.

Separate event forums allow you to place your comments where they are relevant. There is a “Show/Hide comments” option at the bottom right of every main article. Your comment can be “nested,” that is, attached to the specific item you want to reply to. It’s a much more natural discussion.

  • Following gets your comments posted immediately without waiting for approval.

I am responsible for this as Cruising Secretary and Vice Commodore of the USWA, as well as multi-time nominee and one-time winner of the Lansdowne Trophy. So, go with me on it.

email me, only if you must. First try leaving a comment.